Debt Collection Services

Glendale Debt Collection

The debt recovery process (receiving money that is owed to your business while preserving the relationships you have with your customers) can be difficult to navigate effectively. US Credit Collection Agency has the experience necessary in the debt collection process and we are able to collect what is owed to you while maintaining the relationships you have with your most valuable assets… your customers.

US Credit Collection Agency offers a wide range of debt collection services allowing you to focus on growing new business. We are a results oriented company that works with our customers to formulate the proper debt collection plan for your business. We offer the services for various types of accounts:

  • Commercial Accounts
  • Retail accounts
  • Health Care Accounts
  • Financial Institution Accounts
  • Billing Services
  • Government Accounts
  • Early out Receivables Outsourcing
  • Credit Reporting
  • Legal Collection and Processing Services

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