Legal Collections

Pomona Commercial Collection Agency

In our years of providing debt collection services, US Credit Collection Agency is well versed in Fair Debt Collection Act procedure. We provide respect and courtesy to your customers while maintaining a commitment to collecting the debt to which you are legally entitled. In the event that we require the services of a legal professional to assist in the debt collection process, US Credit Collection Agency has the necessary legal resources to take the steps required to collect the delinquent account.

Sometimes the person or business who owes you money must be taken into a legal situation to pay their debt. US Credit Collection Agency is well versed in litigation management and has the necessary experience to recover your delinquent accounts in an expeditious manner.

If it is necessary to use legal means to collect outstanding debts, US Credit Collection Agency is qualified to take the steps that are required to maintain the professionalism of your organization while ensuring that your debts are collected.

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